OKAY, HERE WE GO. by David Kirk


I would like to dedicate this blog post to the vast array of teachers I had growing up. Without realizing it, you have impacted my personality and I don’t think I had ever once expressed gratitude or appreciated what you did for me during those years when I was rebelling and stressing, over how or if I was fitting into the vibe of being a young person. If you’re reading this and you were my teacher of any subject, I want to give you the biggest shout-out I can offer. Thank you!!!

Blogging is an art form, it’s a creative form of writing where the story can be formed using whatever style the author decides will work. There are no rules, no templates. You can be as weird as you want and get away with it, all in the name of artistic freedom. I like it and have blogged in the past, way back when My Space was the big thing. I posted several clever (so I thought) articles on various subjects, I’m sure you remember. (My Space, not my Blogs)

I once took time out, moved to Scotland. I was hoping to write a gripping novel that would cure my thirst for a creative lifestyle. I think that’s why I write, to fool my brain into being happy. It seems I am the sort that wants drastically to create something. My book is long overdue and needs a good dusting off. Definitely top of my bucket list, that has “indefinitely” been on my Fuk-it list.

So, I would guess it’s about now where you either click away, bored or stay to read more? You’re wondering what does he have to say? Why is he doing this? What does he hope to prove? This is just silly. Blogging is for people who travel or cook or have something to write about? The truth is, I merely want to create a forum to showcase creativity.

To be creative, it takes a certain level of narcissism, a confidence that what you’re doing has meaning and you have no doubt that what you write is worth sharing. If you disagree, write your opinion in the comments.

At this point, if you’re still here, I need to thank you for reading and welcome you to my Blog. I hope you tune in again for interaction on the subject de jour. If you  any suggestions or comments, it would thrill me to receive them. If my constant writing and posting about Scotland wears you out, my apologies. I guess my pride in my heritage is complex and surprising to me as well.